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January - February, 2023

Start the New Year with a sense of dedication and a bit of fun.

Your 21st class is Free when you purchase a 20 class card. **That's only $9.76 a class.**

The Challenge:

A. Those who complete 21 yoga classes between January 2nd and February 28th 2023 will be entered to win a Lilac Soul Mug and a 5 or 10 Class Card.

B. There will be two winners.

C. All those who complete 21 classes will receive a small gift.

The real prize is how good you will feel in March.

Possible Benefits (besides a cool mug) may include:

- Pratipaksha Bhavanam - substituting positive thoughts for negative ones or good habits for unhealthy ones.
- Increased flexibility.
- Improved circulation.

- Mind - Body Connection.
- A sense of community.
- Kick starting your commitment to practice.
- Better Breathing awareness.
- Bountiful Balance.
- Increased Strength.
- Joyful Joint lubrication.
- Digestive improvement.
And much more . . .

We have all been through a lot since 2020. Many of us experienced heightened fear, anxiety and confusion. Our bodies might have been through the stress of a new illness or we suffered a loss.

We could be feeling the after-effects now in various ways, but like the lotus flower grows out of the mud, we can also blossom from these experiences. We can do it together.

Join the Yoga Soul Challenge
Do you have a class card?

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1. Registration is FREE for the 2023 Yoga Soul Challenge by filling out the form above.
2. Your 21st class is Free when you purchase a 20 class card. **That's only $9.76 a class.**
3. Take at least 21 classes at Lilac Soul between January 2nd and February 28th, 2023 to gain entries into the drawings.
4. Refer a friend who signs up for the challenge and get an extra entry.
5. There will be more fun ways to gain entries posted on Facebook and our Website. Must complete at least 21 classes for all entries to count. You can do it!
5. Everyone who completes 21 classes will receive a small gift. (TBD)
6. Other prizes may be added depending on number of participants.

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