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Yoga and Dream Interpretation Workshop
Saturday July 8th at  11:30am

Saturday, July 8th, 2023


at Lilac Soul Yoga Studio

2419 Route 82, Suite 6

Above Adelina’s Pizza

Lagrangeville, NY 12533

Join us for a 2.5 Hour Workshop focusing on Hatha Yoga and Dream Decoding and Interpretation.
Learn poses to help with sleep, dreaming and self-awareness.
Dreams are powerful tools of insight into daily life, personal transformation, and bringing what is unconscious to light. We will also discuss our dreams and how to interpret them based on your own dream language and code as well as some archetypal images.
Start a dream journal now and begin to write down your dreams as you remember them each morning, Let the writing flow from the dream as a stream of thought and don't worry about grammar, syntax or punctuation.
We can go over some dreams in the workshop if you feel comfortable and begin to understand the language of your dreaming mind.

Workshop Investment $35.00 before July 1st, $45.00 After July 1st


To register click the register or purchase button next to desired Workshop.

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