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Meeting Toni Changed my life.   In 2005, I came to Toni's studio, looking for help with my sore body and troubled mind. It was the first time I made a commitment to stick with yoga. I was beginning to feel better, and she inspired and encouraged me to also become a yoga teacher. I took my training like Toni at Yogaville at Satchidanada's ashram.


Now, I am living my dream in Puerto Rico where I teach yoga, meditation and breathing at The Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute.


Joann Belfiore used to relieve her work stress with a handful of chocolate.

"Now I do a yoga routine every morning," she says. "I find it will calm me down at work. When I'm having a stressful day, I'll go into the bathroom and do some breathing exercises."

Belfiore, who owns an insurance company, learned the technique during a 10-week Yoga and Nutrition for Weight Loss class at Yoga in Pawling, N.Y.

Instructor Toni Caravello mixed discussion of conscious eating and the Glycemic Index with asanas (postures), breath control and meditation.

"My blood pressure is down 15 points, and I lost two inches on my body," Belfiore says.

~ From Poughkeepsie Journal Article 2007

Yoga; a journey

September 4, 2014 ·


In moving to a new area, the first thing I sought out was a yoga studio. I found Toni, the owner of a studio in Pawling, NY. We practiced in a round studio that looked out over the trees. She had a whole new style, I liked it, but most of all we discussed yoga philosophy at the beginning of class. That changed everything!

Toni teaches yoga in a thoughtful and informative way that goes beyond mere demonstration of asanas. She brings an intelligent yet spiritual component to each class and allows the student to delve deeper into their practice.               

          ~ Maura M. - East Fishkill, NY

I was managing a fitness center in Lagrange and wanted to hire a Yoga Teacher to teach classes in our studio area.  I must have interviewed and auditioned twenty teachers, but Toni stood out to me as being knowledgeable and thorough.  I hired her the next day. She didn't just teach how to do the poses, but also why we do them and what physical internal benefits were to be gained by each pose.  I remember her being a dedicated teacher. 

                         ~ Angelina O.

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