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Yoga for Spinal Health Workshop

Free Yoga Class w/Prema when you Register

Register for only $35.00 and get a FREE Yoga Class to come to any class with Prema.

Saturday March 11th, 2023

11:30am to 2pm

Spinal health is the greatest wealth. Learn about the spine and how to safely move into postures which help your spine maintain natural mobility. We will focus on gentle backbends and twists. 20+ years experience. Light refreshments.

Join us for an in-depth exploration of common gentle backbends and twisting poses. These two categories of Asana complement each other.


Keeping the spine mobile, supple and healthy is essential to wellness.

Attendees will examine and learn how to effectively perform each pose for maximum benefit while minimizing risk. Learn to use props, modifications and variations that are right for your body. Sanskrit names of the poses will be taught as well as English translation.

Postures and their variations based on ability and energy of the attendees.
Glorious Blissful Yoga Nidra at the end.

Only $35.00 (reg $40.00)


To register click the register or purchase button next to desired Workshop.

* Most chairs have a 250lb limit. If you require another chair, please let us know at least a week ahead of time and we will make sure we have one available for you.

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