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Robin Sarica grew up in the Hudson Valley and was introduced to yoga at a young age through her father. It was not traditional yoga, but rather imitating stretches from a yoga magazine.  She always had an interest in yoga and meditation but did not start taking classes or meditating until she started college. Ever since taking classes/meditating she became passionate about the lessons, mindfulness, and health benefits that yoga brought to her life. So much so that she practiced daily and decided to try to share these lessons with others. So Robin then took her 200 Hour RYT with Stonewave Yoga during covid to live out this dream of hers. Through teaching this gift to others she wants to express that we all have this special gift within us. It just takes a little searching to find it. 

Something interesting Robin wants to explore is her passions outside of the studio and bring it into the studio. Robin loves skateboarding and often finds the lesson of balance in this sport. Not pushing yourself too much but not being timid either, rather to just be.  Skaters often are injured and Robin wants to help skateboarders understand the power of their mind and body that can play a role in skateboarding. She wants to instruct beginners in her free time for this purpose.  


Robin grew up as a musician and performs in a cover band. She plays violin, piano, guitar, and ukulele. She also loves hiking, nature, music, and art. Her goals in life are to be happy and free.


She graduated from Ithaca College in 2020 as a Communication Management and Design Major and wants to continue to bring creativity and love to life.  

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