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Koshas and Cacao - Yoga Workshop

Koshas and Cacao - Yoga Workshop


April 22, 2023


(we are flexible with the start time depending on requests of attendees)

at Lilac Soul Yoga Studio

2419 Route 82, Suite 6

Above Adelina’s Pizza

Lagrangeville, NY 12533


Join us for this special workshop focusing on the 5 physical and energetic layers of the body. We will sip cacao and discuss the Koshas and how they relate to the practice of yoga and everyday life.


2.5 hours comprised of one part lecture, followed by an all-levels gentle to moderate physical practice. We will use props and modify for all attendees. This will be followed by a glorious Yoga Nidra focusing on relaxing all the Sheaths/Koshas.

Cacao is thought to open the heart energetically and can improve blood flow in the body. We will have various teas for anyone who cannot have cacao.


Register at


To register click the register or purchase button next to desired Workshop.


* Most chairs have a 250lb limit. If you require another chair, please let us know at least a week ahead of time and we will make sure we have one available for you.

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