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Guidelines for Practice
and Studio Etiquette

Experience Yoga simply, without judgement, competition or attachment.


  • Eat a light meal two hours or more before class so that digestion is not an issue.


  • Arrive 5 to 10 minutes before class to find your spot and get comfortable.

  • Wear minimal or no jewelry.

  • Please wear clothes that cover the body and that are not too loose or too constricting. Layers are suggested in case you get too warm.

  • Bring Water.

  • Please take off shoes in the hall or coat room and store in shoe bench not the larger cubbies.

  • Hang coats and store personal items in large cubbies.

  • First time attendees please complete waiver.

  • Enter quietly and cautiously if you are late.

  • Please unroll mats gently so as not to disturb fellow classmates..

  • Make room for your classmates or if class is not full, stagger your mats and create space.

  • Minimize conversations and talking during class. Please save questions for after class.

  • Focus on your sensations and movements to communicate with your body..

  • We have a limited amount of mats and props for you to borrow.  Please clean them after use and store away neatly.

  • Gum or candy during class can be a choking hazard while performing deep breathing and Asanas.  Please dispose of them properly before class.

  • Please use the bathroom before class, and exit quietly if you need to during class.


  • Please do not spray perfumes and use heavy scents directly before class..


  • Inform the instructor about any injuries, allergies, health conditions or if you are pregnant. We will have index cards for your use if your prefer to write them down.


  • Silence cell phones and store in cubbies.

  • Honor Your Limits. Listen to your body, Rest when needed, Take it Easy.

  • Savasana or deep relaxation pose is the best part.  Get comfortable and lay down with your head toward the teacher and feet away. Release, let go and let earth support you.

Gravitude = Gratitude for Gravity.

Covid-19 and Illness Policy

It is advisable to bring your own mat & props if possible.  If you do use ours, please sanitize them after use.

If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend class especially if you have a cough, fever, chills, or aches associated with being ill.  We wish you speedy and abundant health.

If you wish to Register for a class, please do so on our Schedule Page or Text 845-234-8886 to let us know at least 2 hours before class.  If there are no sign-ups, class will not take place.  Please unregister two hours before or class cannot be credited back.

Always double check you are registered, the system will send you an email.  If you do not receive an email, log back into the system to make sure you are registered.

~Om Thank you.

* Most chairs have a 250lb limit. If you require another chair, please let us know at least a week ahead of time and we will make sure we have one available for you.

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