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Class Descriptions


Chair Yoga is a gentle class for anyone who is not comfortable getting onto or off the floor or who is recovering from an injury or illness. Chairs are used as a prop to help us move through the poses. The majority of the class is seated, but if appropriate, we may use the chair to help assist with or balance in standing postures. Chairs have a 250lb limit. If you require another chair, please let us know at least a week ahead of time. Prema Toni is a Certified Chair Yoga Instructor.

Warrior Two

Soul Flow

Dance Class

Yogic Soul Dance & Bliss Nidra


Integral Yoga Hatha 1

Integral is a subtle Hatha practice exploring the spinal movements of forward and side bends with very gentle easy cobras, locust poses and twists.  Classes often also include breathing exercises, chanting, and yogic rest.  Don't let its appearance of being gentle fool you. If done each day for one month, one will become more flexible and stronger. 

Cheerful Chair Yoga

In this class, we will vinyasa a bit in slow, easy flowing movements on the breath such as sun salutations with standing poses in between, followed by sweet seated stretches and a blissful yoga nidra.

Fun, invigorating, relaxing, joyous and different every time.  We use all types of music to entice free movement and healing. Dance as softly or wildly as you want.  Dance while seated, while lying down, or all around the room.  Let your Asanas dance. Glorious Yoga Nidra Rest afterwards.

Vinyasa Flow

A creative and dynamic form of yoga that uses breath to link physical yoga postures. Open, cleanse, and energize through a series of postures systematically designed to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. This practice boosts respiratory health, calms the mind, and increases focus and concentration. Options to modify provided for all levels of practice.

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 Yoga and Qi Gong

In Chinese, Qi (chi) is Energy and Gong means "working with." In Yoga, Prana is Energy.  Here we use Yoga postures and Qi Gong movements to create a happy healing environment in the body.  Movements are focused on opening channels and removing blockages to allow Qi/Prana to flow. All levels welcome.

Pilates Stretches

Yin Yoga and Restorative

We incorporate warmups, then get into poses and explore them mindfully with breath as we release tension in the fascia, ligaments and connective tissue of the body. Transitions are slow and we may use props. 

Kundalini Yoga Stretch Pose

Gentle Joints Stretch and Tone

This class will focus on using gravity to tone, stretch and strengthen the muscles.  We will focus on lubricating the joints, breathing through gentle postures and finish with Yoga Nidra

Butterfly Pose

Vin-Yin Yoga

A delightful mix of Vinyasa warmups and Yin Stretches sometimes referred to as Yin Yang Yoga combines Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga. The Vinyasa portion is a warmup and allows us to release stress. This prepares the body to relax into the Yin Yoga section of the class.

Alignment-based Hatha Yoga. This class will be based on the energy and level of attendees and will incorporate warmups, standing poses, seated poses and pranayama. Hatha Moon Yoga is done in the evening.

Hatha Yoga and Hatha Moon Yoga


Lunchtime Yoga (To be announced)
Enjoy a 45 minute delicious class designed to lift your energy, increase metabolism, and keep you invigorated through the day.  Have a very light lunch before class or your regular meal after class. Now that's Tasty!

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