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The violet-blue color of the lilac is associated with Sahasrara Chakra, which is at the crown of the head. White lilacs are symbolic of purity and innocence. Purple lilacs speak to spirituality. Blue Lilacs represent happiness and tranquility. The Lilac blooms early in spring, so many view it as a symbol of new beginnings.

White Fabric


The soul is the essence, the true nature and true self. It is limitless and pure joy wishing to be expressed.

When we say something has soul, it possesses qualities that are artistic, energetic, flavorful and unique.

Lilac Soul Yoga is a quiet and cozy studio set in the tranquil area of LaGrangeville, NY.  Our studio has a main room and a smaller room separated by large, pretty french doors. Students can choose to set up in either room as some might prefer to practice in a more private area. 

We welcome all body types and first-time students as well as those recovering from injuries or illnesses. We start from where we are. The stairway in the left entrance of the building is equipped with a chairlift for those with mobility concerns. We will offer daily classes of many styles and levels as well as weekend workshops, mini-retreats and other events.

The importance of offering affordable Yoga for different bodies, levels and ages is our core belief.  Our classes and workshops will include
Yoga, Qi Gong, Yogic Dance and expression, self-acupressure, energy clearing and more.

Lilac Soul's wish is to conduct classes that are adaptable for many levels, while being accessible to the members of the community. In teaching, we also learn from our students.

We strive to create a place for tranquility and vitality, where students practice in class individually, starting from where they are.  Where we have been is in the past, which no longer exists, and where we are going can be framed by what we do in the present moment. As Ram Dass said, we can only "Be Here Now."

We celebrate new beginnings as each day is a chance to start fresh while letting go of that which no longer serves us.

We ask for the grace to leave our egos and judgement at the door as we work out our bodies, minds and souls on the mat.

We are honored to teach, grow and learn together with you.

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